CNA Practice test

CNA Practice test.  CNA practice exam are specially prepared to test your nursing knowledge and skills, to find if you are competent to provide the nursing cares to patients.


Factors that have their Bearings on CNA Salary

Factors that have their Bearings on CNA Salary

The passing of CNA certification test allows a certified nurse aide to get registered with respective state nurse aide registry and legal working permission in various hospitals, rehabilitation centers, traveling nurse, adult care centers, nursing homes, long term care units, home practice and other health care facilities.

The earning of CNAs in these facilities depends on numerous factors, such as location of the health care center, working experience, education and training background, designation and position, location of the center, in Rural, Urban or metropolitan cities, standard of living in these areas and  qualification and certification


Different states have also salary variation due to these reasons and difference in standard of living. Even same state cities have different salary for their CNAs.

The following California CNA Salary variation list shows the wage difference in differentCaliforniacities:

  • $31,503 inFremont,CA
  • $24,508 inOntario,CA
  • $24,161 inLong Beach,CA
  • $23,527 inModesto,CA
  • $25,139 inFresno,CA
  • $24,245 inIrvine,CA
  • $24,161 inLos Angeles,CA
  • $26,612 inMonterey,CA
  • $31,503 inOakland,CA

These details will also help you in choosing the location of the cities that can offer you better salary for your CNA employment.


Certified Nursing Assistant Skill Test With CNA Exam

The certification examination of nursing was created for the job seekers keen on gaining outstanding levels in the field of nursing. Certification is obtainable when you finish finishing the schooling from any of the colleges or schools of nursing within the state. In this era’s arena of challenges, it is quite profitable to grab certification so that you can get dreamed of job  opportunities at better locations. As far as the qualifying criteria are concerned, the individuals should achieve education by getting admission in a top notch university or school of nursing.

Following are a few of the qualification requirements for getting chosen in different nursing institutions:

1. To begin with, the students are needed to pass a high school or an alike that allows you to register to a nursing training program

2. Following this, the appliers should be of transparent criminal record

3. The prospects have got to possess primary specifics involving the field of biology and chemical break down

4. An entrance assessment conducted by the college shall be taken and passed alongside the personal interview sequence to achieve admission in a nursing institute worldwide immediately after joining any of the colleges of nursing, the further phase is to get education in all crucial spheres so that the test can be passed having a significant score.

There are tons of approaches to prepare for the certification test of nursing. Several such ways are shown under:

1. Prospects are required to attain the instructional classes constantly and genuinely in their coaching routine to make certain that basics can be framed

2. Moreover, those must link up with couple of sites membership as a way to acquire the majority of sought after demo tests from those web-sites

3. Practice references can possibly also be obtained from the market place along with some last year question papers and their solutions.

4. If you will find some bafflement in subjects, it should be without delay cleared with the related instructor in the nursing institute The groundwork is a winner when it produces effective results and consequently the candidates must strive and in a dedicated fashion in order to pass the certification examination.

Down below are the key info about the test of nursing:

1. Time frame of the assessment is of 5-6 hours

2. Consists of two tests, a written evaluation followed by a skill-set exam

3. Written assessment is done in an effort to examine the fundamental perception of the prospects

4. Skill-set test is accomplished for investigating the unique competencies of the individuals in subjects | subject areas for instance offering up first aid, recording vital signs and similar matters

5. At least 80% score is to be accumulated in order to successfully pass the examination with flying colors All of these facts and points ought to be kept in mind for clearing the CNA exam. The candidates, who succeed at the examination, are mentioned as certified nursing assistants.

There are a variety of advantages that go after whilst certification is received. Some of them involve:

1. Exceptional paid placements

2. Opportunities to work in wanted areas

3. Exceptional incentives and various other remunerations Because of this, for experiencing all of these advantages, the applicants have to have provide their best in the CNA Test thereby acquiring a prosperous and bright profession.

CNA Salary

Factors Affecting CNA Salary

CNA Salary

What are the factors that affect CNA Salary? Why salary of certified nurse aide in some location or facility is higher as compared to wages in another health care center or location? The completion of CNA Classes, earning of CNA certification can provide you easy job opportunities in numerous mental care centers, adult care centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, adult care centers, nursing homes and long term care facilities.There are numerous factors that have their bearing on the salary of a CNA and most important among them include:

  • Location of the health care center
  • Working experience of a CNA
  • Education and training background
  • Designation and position
  • Facility in Rural, Urban or metropolitan cities
  • Qualification and Certification
  • Higher standard of living in cities and metropolitan areas.
  • Size, and type of nursing care facility
  • Skilled and unskilled

A Certified Nurse Aide with few years experience earn higher as compared to who is fresher or working as an entry level. Similarly, CNA working in intensive care unit gets better salary as compared to nurse aides working in less important positions. City or Metropolitan based CNAs gets higher wages due to the higher standard of living in these areas in comparison to urban or rural based nurse aides.

The average CNA Salary in US is $20,000 to $35,000 depending on these factors and the hourly wages comes to $12 to $17, though salary also varies from state to state.

CNA Resume Template

CNA Resume

CNA Resume Cover letter

CNA Resume

Can you be sure that, the submission of any type of resume can get you short listed or get you interview call for the nursing job you are applying for? If you think it is possible to get interview call through any resume then you are greatly mistaken. The unprofessionally made resume, instead of bagging the job may not even make the employer short list you or give you interview call, whereas the professionally written resume where specific skills, details and other qualities are provided under separate sub headings in a most precise way, can indeed make you bag the applied nursing job.

The best way to prepare your resume is to follow below given CNA Resume template, which not only make your resume attractive but also can short list you for the job.

                                                                    CNA Resume Template

Contact Details

Your Name

Address (Temporary & Permanent)

Contact Nos.

Email Address



This section must be devoted to the nursing post you are applying for, your expectation from the health care job and your career goal. The information must be written in a most precise way.

 Professional Summary

This sub heading includes the core nursing skills and knowledge gained through working in different CNA jobs, volunteering works and CNA Training programs.

 Professional Experience

This sub heading is devoted to various types of practical nursing working experiences earned by you by working in different types of health care facilities.

If you are afresh entry level CNA, you can write any volunteering or social aid services you have performed in course of your training period and the duration of such services.


Your Academic career, CNA training programs or any other additional nursing courses you have completed can be shown under this sub heading. The details must include the name of the academic and training institute, completion year, and course curriculum completed by you. You can mention the clinical skills learned by you during the training program.


Any achievements, Awards and Accolades bestowed on you for your nursing excellence and academic performance can be written down under this sub heading. You can also show the award of your CNA certification in this section.
Technical Skills

If you have completed any Microsoft Office Package program, Typing speed class or your data entry speed and Internet knowledge can be shown under this section.

Additional Skills

This section must show you inherent skills, such as compassionate and docile nature, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, humble and caring behavior, and others because these skills are very essential for offering nursing cares to suffering patients.

CNA Resume

CNA Resume

Online CNA ResumeThe primary motto of attending CNA Training program and CNA test for any individual is to get best possible career opportunity in any health care facility. But, it is also known fact that to get recruited in any health care facility needs passing of various steps, which starts from the completion of certified nurse aide training program, appearing and passing of the Certification test, preparing an attractive resume, search for the job and submit the resume with the job Application.

Therefore, it is evident that the CNA Resume has very important role in your job search and interview call. You must also remember that through resume only, the perspective employer come to know about your nursing skills, education and training background, experience, achievements and other details that may interest him for his posted job.

It is also essential for you to understand that you are not the only person that is applying for the posted nursing jobs. There are 100s of applications that are submitted to the employer for any posted jobs. The matter has further worsened with the economic recession, where jobs in other sectors have become scarce and the industry that is only offering massive openings are health care industry. Hence, even professionals, house wives, students and other individuals are making bee line to health care facilities to get the employment. Thus, the CNA resume submitted by you may be one among hundreds of other resumes received by the hiring manager.

If the resume submitted by you is professionally articulated and shows you as a distinct individual as compare to other applicants, you may kindle an interest on the mind of the hiring manager or an employer, and he may be curious to know about you and your skills, compelling him to shortlist and give you an interview call, where you you can demonstrate your nursing prowess and bag the job.

CNA Certification Program

CNA Certification

CNA Certification

CNA Certification

Why CNA Certification is essential to work in various health care facilities inUnited States of America? Firstly, it is necessary to understand who CNAs are? In America Certified Nurse Assistants are these nursing professionals, who offer everyday routine care to ailing patients in numerous hospitals, adult care centers, travel nurse, hospice, nursing homes, long term care facility, rehabilitation and mental care centers or as a home health aide.

But, it is also common fact that to work as a CNA, one must complete accredited CNA program, appear and pass the CNA Certification test and get listed with the respective state Nurse Aide Registry.

CNA Certification Program:

CNA Certification Program is offered at various schools, community and vocational colleges, trade schools, technical institutes and long term care facilities. The program constitute of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA 1987) approved 75 hours, theory classroom instruction and clinical training. Though, many states have their own training program schedule, which may cross 75 hours but all must meet the minimum requirement of federal OBRA-87 approved program time duration.

The completion of the Certification test allows a student to sit for the Certification Test for the CNA Certification.

CNA Certification Test

CNA Certification Test comprises of multi choice written test and skill demonstration test. The written test is based on the theoretical class learned knowledge and, skill test requires the demonstration of minimum 5 skills selected from 25 randomly selected skills on a live model or on a dummy.

The skill test is conducted under the supervision of a Licensed or Registered nurse.

The passing of both tests with a scoring of 70% to 75% awards a student certified and CNA Certification, which can get them listed with respective state Nurse Aide Registry, allowing them to work in health care facility.